# ipfs-update

The ipfs-update tool is a command-line utility that can be used to install, uninstall, downgrade and upgrade IPFS Kubo.

See the project repository (opens new window) if you'd prefer to build ipfs-update from source.

# Install ipfs-update

The ipfs-update tool can be downloaded using pre-built binaries from dist.ipfs.tech (opens new window). Binaries are also available from the IPFS Update GitHub release page (opens new window).

    # Install Kubo

    The ipfs-update tool can be used to install Kubo. You can install the latest version, or specify a specific version.

    # Latest version

    To install the latest release of Kubo, use the latest tag:

    ipfs-update install latest

    # Specific version

    To install a specific Kubo <version-number>, run:

    ipfs-update install <version-number>


    When ipfs-update install is run and a version of IPFS is already installed, that version is stashed and can be reverted to later.

    # Roll-back Kubo version

    Use the revert function to roll-back to a previous version of Kubo:

    ipfs-update revert

    The revert function is useful if a newly installed version needs to be reverted to a more stable version, or you want to test or use older versions of Kubo.

    # Uninstall ipfs-update

    To uninstall IPFS Update, delete the binary and ipfs-update from your PATH variable.