# Peering with content providers

IPFS allows you to request data from any IPFS node with a copy using the data's CID or content identifier. This process usually involves a lookup on the distributed hash table and may also require establishing new connections to the nodes storing the content.

If you're running an IPFS node that serves many requests, such as a public HTTP gateway, you may be able to speed up queries by maintaining long-lived connections to nodes that provide many CIDs.

Prioritizing connections to certain peers is called Peering, and you can tell IPFS which peers to prioritize by editing the Peering configuration in your IPFS config file.

To peer with nodes from Cloudflare, for example, update your config to include a Peering section like this:

  "Peering": {
    "Peers": [
        "ID": "QmcfgsJsMtx6qJb74akCw1M24X1zFwgGo11h1cuhwQjtJP",
        "Addrs": ["/dnsaddr/node-8.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com"]


Generally speaking, users running IPFS at home won't need to set up peering and can ignore this page!

Peering is most helpful for nodes that have a lot of concurrent connections since it prevents the connection manager from dropping connections it thinks aren't "useful" any longer. If you find yourself running near the connection manager's limit, you may benefit from peering with content providers.

# Content provider list

Below is a community-maintained list of nodes that provide a lot of content to the IPFS network.

If you're running a public IPFS gateway, you may see improved performance for popular queries by adding these nodes to your Peering configuration.

To add your platform to this list, please open a PR to edit this page (opens new window) and add yourself to the list in alphabetical order.


This list is provided for informational purposes only. The IPFS Project does not endorse or guarantee any of the content providers listed here, nor does it have any control over their operations or services. Users should exercise their own discretion and conduct their own due diligence when selecting and interacting with content providers.

# Cloudflare

Peer ID Addresses
QmcFf2FH3CEgTNHeMRGhN7HNHU1EXAxoEk6EFuSyXCsvRE /dnsaddr/node-1.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcFmLd5ySfk2WZuJ1mfSWLDjdmHZq7rSAua4GoeSQfs1z /dnsaddr/node-2.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfFmzSDVbwexQ9Au2pt5YEXHK5xajwgaU6PpkbLWerMa /dnsaddr/node-3.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfJeB3Js1FG7T8YaZATEiaHqNKVdQfybYYkbT1knUswx /dnsaddr/node-4.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfVvzK4tMdFmpJjEKDUoqRgP4W9FnmJoziYX5GXJJ8eZ /dnsaddr/node-5.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfZD3VKrUxyP9BbyUnZDpbqDnT7cQ4WjPP8TRLXaoE7G /dnsaddr/node-6.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfZP2LuW4jxviTeG8fi28qjnZScACb8PEgHAc17ZEri3 /dnsaddr/node-7.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfgsJsMtx6qJb74akCw1M24X1zFwgGo11h1cuhwQjtJP /dnsaddr/node-8.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
Qmcfr2FC7pFzJbTSDfYaSy1J8Uuy8ccGLeLyqJCKJvTHMi /dnsaddr/node-9.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfR3V5YAtHBzxVACWCzXTt26SyEkxdwhGJ6875A8BuWx /dnsaddr/node-10.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
Qmcfuo1TM9uUiJp6dTbm915Rf1aTqm3a3dnmCdDQLHgvL5 /dnsaddr/node-11.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com
QmcfV2sg9zaq7UUHVCGuSvT2M2rnLBAPsiE79vVyK3Cuev /dnsaddr/node-12.ingress.cloudflare-ipfs.com

# European EPC Competence Center

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWGaHbxpDWn4JVYud899Wcpa4iHPa3AMYydfxQDb3MhDME /dns4/ipfs.ssi.eecc.de

# Filebase

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWGtYkBAaqJMJEmywMxaCiNP7LCEFUAFiLEBASe232c2VH /dns4/bitswap.filebase.io/tcp/443/wss

# Spheron Network

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWFdciAga3zq3TZdrmDospFNrWRALe6VM6JpoKGEfVrqEi /ip4/
12D3KooWBCzniwFvfS67HyZsJtiehd7RHtcKanGGCd8h6bjVWnkb /ip4/
12D3KooWNbvFFq8kzS3eMonQYEmFyWTHboMZnHKr4XnN53gJKqhH /ip4/

# Storj

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWFFhc8fPYnQXdWBCowxSV21EFYin3rU27p3NVgSMjN41k /ip4/
12D3KooWSW4hoHmDXmY5rW7nCi9XmGTy3foFt72u86jNP53LTNBJ /ip4/
12D3KooWSDj6JM2JmoHwE9AUUwqAFUEg9ndd3pMA8aF2bkYckZfo /ip4/

# bit.site

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWKNJDVqWKdGH5PJUpgG7JwSQnJCHSt2abfRMht2yjyV5x /dnsaddr/node-1.ipfs.bit.site

# StorryTV

Peer ID Addresses
bafzaajaiaejca3eporu7skzkukuie5nopngnubidqmnf57fl3qet7angukq234qj /dnsaddr/peer.ipfs.storry.tv
bafzaajaiaejcajedrki5t7qmgxzhwr24pfxb5cwrdf5d7rktguqurqztxsbffbvh /dnsaddr/peer2.ipfs.storry.tv

# Web3.Storage

Peer ID Addresses
bafzbeibhqavlasjc7dvbiopygwncnrtvjd2xmryk5laib7zyjor6kf3avm /dns4/elastic.dag.house/tcp/443/wss


Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWQ85aSCFwFkByr5e3pUCQeuheVhobVxGSSs1DrRQHGv1t /dnsaddr/node-1.ipfs.4everland.net

# 8api.sh

Peer ID Addresses
12D3KooWGASC2jm3pmohEJXUhuStkxDitPgzvs4qMuFPaiD9x1BA /ip4/
12D3KooWRbWZN3GvLf9CHmozq4vnTzDD4EEoiqtRJxg5FV6Gfjmm /ip4/