# Using garbage collection in Kubo

In IPFS Kubo, the IPFS garbage collector is configured in the Datastoresection of the Kubo config file (opens new window). The important settings related to the garbage collector are:

  • StorageGCWatermark: The percentage of the StorageMax value at which a garbage collection will be triggered automatically, if the daemon is running with automatic garbage collection enabled. The default is 90`.

  • GCPeriod: Specify how frequently garbage collection should run. Only used if automatic garbage collection is enabled. The default is 1 hour.

To manually start garbage collection, run ipfs repo gc:

ipfs repo gc

> removed QmPZhyTu8D7NqR5NvgkgNYsSYD4CNjnyuFejB8i23itJvA
> removed QmSYQFVAZgEnpa6NxiW5agyj3XU9VR4CbERShXiLhuPPPE
> removed QmS6SJXApoi59hqD8Naktgakc6UNHK1XDhqhtMg9sBhY8g

To enable automatic garbage collection use --enable-gc when starting the IPFS daemon:

ipfs daemon --enable-gc

> Initializing daemon...
> Kubo version: 0.9.0
> Repo version: 10
> ...


If you use IPFS Desktop, you can trigger garbage collection by clicking on the taskbar icon of the IPFS Desktop application and selecting AdvancedRun Garbage Collector.