# Kubo RPC API clients

When a Kubo IPFS node is running as a daemon, it exposes an HTTP RPC API that allows you to control the node and run the same commands you can from the command line. To learn more about the RPC API, see the Kubo RPC API v0 reference.

RPC API clients are available in multiple languages, and are listed below. You can request that additional clients be added to this list by opening an issue in ipfs/ipfs-docs (opens new window).

Language Client library Status
Go ipfs/kubo/client/rpc (opens new window) Active
Java ipfs-shipyard/java-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
JavaScript ipfs/js-ipfs/tree/master/packages/ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
Python ipfs-shipyard/py-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
Scala ipfs-shipyard/scala-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
Clojure keorn/clj-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
Clojurescript district0x/cljs-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
Haskell davidar/hs-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
Swift ipfs-shipyard/swift-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
CommonLisp WeMeetAgain/cl-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
Rust ferristseng/rust-ipfs-api (opens new window) Active
gkbrk/rust-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
rmnoff/rust-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
rschulman/rust-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
Ruby Fryie/ipfs-ruby (opens new window) Inactive
tbenett/ruby-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
Mac Automator NeoTeo/ipfs-osx-service (opens new window) Inactive
Pharo khinsen/ipfs-pharo (opens new window) Active
PHP cloutier/php-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
digitalkaoz/php-ipfs-api (opens new window) Inactive
C# jeremy-ellis-tech/net-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Inactive
richardschneider/net-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Active
C++ vasild/cpp-ipfs-api (opens new window) Active
Erlang hendry19901990/erlang-ipfs-http-client (opens new window) Inactive
Scheme siiky/ipfs.scm (opens new window) Active
Lua siiky/ipfs.lua (opens new window) Active